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For busy families, culinary experts, and seasoned hosts alike, the kitchen is a vital part of a home or daily life. It is a place where splendor and functionality are involved. Brissy Kitchen of Brisbane are specialized in creating incredible new kitchens for Brisbane homes with excellent layouts to help you reach to your ingredients and appliances all the time.

We treat every customer as unique and offer smart solutions by combining different remodeling approaches that perfectly match your necessities. Based on your current kitchen structure, our expert kitchen renovators in Brisbane provide the best solution for backsplash, countertops, drawer pulls, cabinets, concealers, hoods, and lighting. Offering services for small, mid-range, and high-end kitchens, we provide bespoke designs to ideally fit kitchen space.

Brissy Kitchens are experts in designing outstandingkitchens in Brisbane by discovering the best materials and products that match your kitchen structure. Embarking on to create new kitchens in Brisbane, we accumulate your needs, plan carefully according to your budget.

If you are planning for an entire kitchen redesign in Brisbane, we advise you to not miss the significant tips from our experts. New Kitchens of Brisbane should make a statement if you are opting for it. Count on our tips to create beautiful kitchens.


We have an amazing collection of kitchen splashbacks and countertops. Based on your interest, you can choose from a broad range of kitchen countertop slabs. We, at the Brissy kitchen of Brisbane, offers the best cost to transform or build the newest kitchen. To enhance your personality, we offer a premier range of splashbacks that work as wall panels to protect against all types of spills.


For proper ventilation, hoods are installed in kitchens. Do you think hood in your kitchen is protruding and has become a prominent element in your kitchen? We conceal it using a tile arch or cabinets to look modern and minimalist. Cabinets are the last items to go into kitchen designing. Brissy Kitchen renovators Brisbane recommends using a mirror or metal finishing for idealizing your kitchen.


Tuck in your appliances either with a set of French doors or pull out cabinets. It is one of the ingeniousmethods to decor your kitchen. Though lighting is an easy-to-do task, we make sure that your kitchen tabletops, backsplashes, colors are amicable with the kitchen lighting.


Adorn your new kitchen by enriching it with appealing tiles. We have extraordinary solutions and various tiles patterns that match kitchen countertops, cabinet doors, backsplash, and other interiors. You can choose the most suitable plan to keep the costs to a minimum.

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  • Renowned in offering excellent tailor-made renovation solutions that transform your homes in terms of quality and efficiency
  • We cling to a process as discussed with our customers and make sure all important aspects are encompassed before embarking the process of renovation
  • Adhering to Health and Safety Standards and employing qualified professionals to achieve an immaculate task
  • Introducing high-quality materials to the products such that you do not have to think of renovating your home for several years
  • Considering the size of a home, we design layouts, themes, and patterns to suit every home at affordable costs.

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